Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With Vernal Visors On


The beginning of spring is a curious thing, 
not long ago there were piles of snow,
now in a flash comes a carpet of grass,
sprouts and buds and all kinds of green,
like Winter to Summer and no in between.
there is much to be done, no time for fun,
soap to be made and gardens to spade,
yards to rake and lotions to make,
In like a lion and out like a lamb,
time to wake up and get with the program!

With the onset of spring comes a flood of new ideas and things to do. I have many new soap scents in mind for this year. I would also like to expand my current lotion line with new scents as well. Keep a lookout for a poll to select the newest soap and lotion scents...this makes my decision making so much easier. I can never decide for sure what new soap scents to make. The usual m.o. is to make something new and see how it goes at my next event or farmers' market. I think it's time for something a little more efficient. So, I will be launching a viewer's poll so that everyone can vote on what they think would be good. I have some seasonal scents in mind for summer that I haven't done yet. Can't wait to see what everyone wants!


  1. I like your poem. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods it sounds like winter is making a comeback atleast for the weekend :(

    Have a great day,

  2. Don't worry, spring has to happen eventually! We're bound to have winter reminder any time now :-)